Bramacharie General Balanced and Healthy lifestyle situation test

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By mercy of Sri Sri Radha Gopinath, this body or machine are initially created quite strong and usually by our own careless life style we damage Krishna’s body, with given in our care for Devotional services. Time by time we suddenly find our self in hospital or just out of services with strong physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual health problems. It means, 5-10-20 or more years we are already stealing away: time, our Devotion emotions and Bhakti from Krishna and His Beloved Devotees by neglecting our own Balanced and Healthy lifestyle and Sadhana. “Prevention is best precision” – we can save up to 80 % of friendship, destructive emotions, health, time and other precious resources, if we will take needful actions at right time, place and circumstances (kala, desa, patra) to perceive and take quite good care of that machine, made of the material energy and given to our care by Sri Krishna Him self. (BG 18.61)

This test will takes about 25-30 minutes of Your precious time. Generally, there are two types of answers on questions:

1st accept answer by marking empty box () with mark “X”, simultaneously there can be more than one correct answers to same question, if it is not, there is a special mentioned “only one answer” in particular question.

2nd free or other answer, mark with “________”, where You please openly write Your answer, thoughts, situations etc.

Thank You very much in advance for Your genuine cooperation to Please A.C. Srila Prabhupada and Sri Sri Radha Gopinath. J

Your servants Paramadamsa das, Nirmalchandra das, BVG Janaka das, 22 Feb 10 –

àDate: ____________ à My age are: under 20,20-24,25-30,31-35,36-40,41 plus

àI am from: VTA, BT, full time Bramacharies from ____________________________ other answer

àMy height ______ cm, weigh _____ kg, blood pressure _________, pulse_________

Sleeping habits

èAt least 6 day per weak I fallen sleep at (one answer): before 8pm,8-9pm, 9-10pm, 10-11pm,
11-midnight, after midnight, ___________________________________________________ other answer

àAt least 6 day per weak I wake up at (one answer):before 2am,2-3am,3-4am,4-5am,5-6am,
after 6am, __________________________________________________________________ other answer

àFor wake up I was usually using (one answer):inner-heart clock without outside help, own alarm clock,
outside noise, light, help etc, ___________________ other answer

àAt least 6 day per weak when I wake up, I feel: fully relax, good rest, enthusiastic, tired, weak,
wish sleep more, hungry, overeat, __________________________________________ other feelings

èAbout 5 day per weak I usually rest (nap, sleep etc) between wake up and proper night sleep 1, 2, 3,
4, 5 times and sleeping together ___ hours and ___ minutes per day.

àTime by time I was resting between: 5-7am, 7-9am, 9-11am, 11am-1pm, 1-3pm, 3-5pm,
5-7pm, _____________________________________ others times

à After that rest I feel: tired, weak, wish sleep more, hungry, overeat, fully relax, good rest, enthusiastic, ____________________________________________________________ other feelings

à I was resting in day time because (My free answer):___________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________

Natural urges

èAbout eliminate feces (stools) or defecation and urine in last 6 mouths at least 5 day per weak:
à I have: constipation, hard, dry stools, difficult to pass, diarrhea, loose, liquidly stools,
together with stool run out air, stools no to hard, not to liquid, easy pass, _____________ other answers
à I was eliminating feces:1,2,3,4,5,more time per day; one per two days; one per three days, others answer ______________ and first time I eliminate feces at ____________ (hh:mm am/pm)
à feces contain, have character, form, looks like: floating in water, thing in water, contain undigested particles of food, contain mucous, contain bad odor, contain neutral odor, not sticky, form of small, round stones, form of banana, _______________________________________________ _______________________________________other answer about floating, contain things, odor, form etc
à descriptions of urine: contain bad odor, contain neutral odor, active yellow, whitish, red or dark, contain drops of blood, transparent, easy to pass, difficult to pass, ___________ other answer

è About breathing in last 12 mouths: àare You nose clear and comfortable to breath: yes, no, unsteady
à generally I feel more comfortable breath trough (only one answer): mouse, mix mouse & nose,
nose, I do not know, ___________ other answer, because _____________________________________
à generally during of Japa usually I am breathing trough: mouse, mix mouse & nose, nose, I do not know, ___________ other answer, because ________________________________________________

è last time tiers come out my ayes at:, _____________________________ other answer

à in last 12 month I am crying at least: one per month, one per week, daily, _______________other ans.

è how often You are smiling, where and why:_____________________________________________________

à in last 12 month I am laughing at least: one per month, one per week, daily, _____________other ans.

Drinking, eating habits and digestion system

èUsually 6 day per weak I drinking plane water X times per day: à below 3, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9 plus
à in summary I was drinking X caps (150ml) per day: below 2,2-4,5-7,8-10,11-13,14 plus

èFollowing 6 questions are about main meals (proper food) in temple, farm, base etc.:
à usually 6 day per weak I eat main meal 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, more times per day
à usually quantity of eaten food (one answer): variable, like large meals, likes small meals
à usually 4 day per weak before main meals I have: no hanger at all, healthy hanger, strong hanger,
continuers hanger all the time- before, during and after meals, _________________________ other answer
à generally about 15 minutes after main meals I was feeling: happy, satisfied, under eat, eat exactly right amount of food, over eat, heaviness, pressure in belly, difficult to breath, difficult to smile, laugh J, difficult to move, walk, difficult to speak, preach, difficult physically work, feel sleepy,
heavy heart beets, __________________________________________________________ others feelings
à How long does it take for me to digest my main meal food? _____ hours _____ min.
à How long do I feel lethargic, sleepy after eating main meal? _____ hours _____ min.
à Do I become excessively thirsty after eating main meal? yes, no.
à After how long time do I become inclined toward activity after eating?_____ hours _____ min.

èOut of general main meal times 7am, 1pm, (5pm fruits), 7pm, usually I was x times per day eat others snacks (sweets, fruits, maha prasadam, etc): 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 plus

à I think, these snacks for my health and well being are: healthy, neutral, bad, _____________other ans.

à I eat these snack because ____________________________________________________________________

èIn last 12 months on ekadisha day and special festivals, I am fasting from: grains, beans, strong food, only drink liquids, nirjala, full fasting, do not fast at all, __________________________________ others answer

à If You are fasting others times, please explain more details- way, when, how etc.:_______________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________

Physical health

èI have dry skin and cracks on: heels, soles, big toes, feet fingers, all feet, | knee, | hands,
palms, | hip, | lips, I do not have such problem, ________________________________ other places
àmy crack some time are: deep up to blood, deep and painful, icing, ___________________ other ans.

èCondition of my nails: dry, cracked, fragile on feet, dry, cracked, fragile on hands, good, elastic on feet, good, elastic on feet, ______________ other answer

èMy body has: under weigh, normal weigh, weigh beyond normal, _____________________ other ans.

èIn last 12 months time by time repeatedly I sense pain, discomfort, soreness etc in these areas/places/ organs: head, forehead, ears, eyes, nose, neck, throat, vocal cords, shoulders, chest, heart, lungs, back, arms, hands, stomach, kidneys, digestive system, skin, waist, low back, genital organs, evacuation organs, joints, legs, knees, ankles, feet, _________ some where else

àIn last 12 months I was visited doctor(s), hospital, nurse etc. for ______ times

àIn last 12 months I was spend by lying down (out of services) _____ days in: temple sevastan, temple,
farm sevastan, farm, BASE, Bhaktivedanta hospital, some where else __________________________


àI am keeping celibacy from my birth or ____ years (number of years in celibacy).

àIn last 12 months I have following problems with keeping celibacy: I am dreaming, thinking about sensual pleasure with women, lustful mind, senses drag me forwards women, time by time I am looking at women, time by time I am unnecessary speaking with women, I have desire to touch women, I do not have any problems with keeping celibacy, _________________________________________________ other ans.

àBecause these problems with celibacy in last 12 mouths time by time I was: loosing semen during of night, masturbated, standing under cold shower, working (jumping, running etc.) very hard to emanate sexual energy, _____________________________________________________________________________ other ans.

Mental and emotional health

àHere are different mental, emotional states and feeling. Please mark at least 15-20 of these, which are more relevant to You in last 6 mouths: energetic, adaptive, flexible, quick in comprehension, good in communication, strong senses of human unity, strong healing energy, true enthusiasm, positive spirit, able to initiate things, good capacity for positive change and movement, 2indecisive, unreliable,
hyperactive, agitated, restless, disturbed, nervous, anxious, overly talkative, superficial,
noisy, disruptive, false enthusiasm, 3fearful, servile, dishonest, secretive, depressed, self-destructive, mentally disturbed, suicidal, 4intelligent, clear, perpetual, enlightened,
discriminating, good will, independently thoughtful, warm, friendly, courageous, good guide and leader, 5willful, impulsive, ambitious, aggressive, controlling, critical, dominating,
manipulator, angry, wrathful, reckless, proud, pulsating, angry, wrathful, reckless,
proud, vain, 6hateful, vile, vindictive, destructive, psychopath, criminal, 7calm,
peaceful, content, stable, loyal, loving, compassionate, forgiving, patient, devoted,
receptive, nurturing, supportive, strong faith, 8controlling, attached, greedy, materialistic, sentimental, needing security, seeking comfort and luxury, 9dull, gross, lethargic, apathetic, slothful, coarse, slow comprehension, insensitive, a thief, ____________________________ others

àHere are some feelings about my relationship in asram. In last 6 mouths I am feeling: lonely, forgotten in mass, space out, not care for, overused, misunderstood, good enough, not to bad, care for,
strong, good relationships, deep family relationships, friendliness, best home where to by, intimate friendships, _____________________________________________________________________ others feelings

Strengthening, sharpening and curing physical, emotional and mental health

àPlease judge, from 0 to 5, how mach face You have in different health care systems, methods: 0 mean “I do not no such system”, 1-no face at all, 3-nutral, middle face, 5-full face: __herbal medicine, __Chinese medicine, __Tibetan medicine, __reiky, __heelers, __tantric medicine, __black or white magic, __different massages, __allopathy, __homeopathy, __naturopathy, __Kabala (Israel), __Ayurveda, ____________________ others kinds

à I personally using for my own health: herbal medicine, Chinese medicine, Tibetan medicine,
reiky, heelers, tantric medicine, black or white magic, different massages, allopathy,
homeopathy, naturopathy, Kabala (Israel),Ayurveda, _____________________________ others kinds

àIn last 12 months at least 6 days per weak I am regularly doing: jogging, exercises, yoga,
pranayama, do nosing, _______________________________________________________ others activities at least _____ min. per day at: before 5am, 5-8am, 8am-1pm, 1-5pm, 5-7pm, after 7pm

àSelf education about preventive health care. In last 12 mouths I am regularly: reading books about health,
attending health seminars, search health info in internet, disputing about health with friends, do nosing, ___________________________________ others ways, and for that spending about _______ hours per mounts

àFor my health prevention I am regularly: drink herbs, drink herbal tee, drink minerals, drink particular vitamins, drink multivitamins, adding gee in food, dripping gee in nose, massaging my self without oil, massaging my self with oil, taking massages from others, quite strictly follow personal diet, quite strictly follow healthy life stile, do nosing,__________________________________ others activities

Spiritual health and Sadana Bhakti

èIn last 6 months at least 6 day per weak:
àI finish my mane 16 round of Maha mantra at _________ (hh:mm am/pm)
àfrom them at least 14 round I chant: in transport, in place by chance, in corridors, in lookers rooms, in Vrindavan garden, on terrace, in temple room, __________________________ other place
àfrom them at least 14 round I chant by : jumping and running around, actively walking, peacefully walking, standing, sitting and actively moving, swinging, scrolling body, sitting and peacefully moving, swinging, scrolling body, peacefully sitting,_____________________________________ other way, posture
àI was reading Srilas Prabhupadas books per day at least: ____ hours ____ min
àI was reading others Vedic books per day at least: ____ hours ____ min
àI was reading: BG, SB, CC, ____________________________________________________ books

àIn last 12 mouths I generally feel: loosing enthusiasm, loosing determination, loosing attention, focus, loosing mercy of Devotees and Krishna, stable enthusiasm, stable determent, stable attention, focus, stable mercy of Devotees and Krishna, increasing enthusiasm, increasing determent, increasing attention, focus, increasing mercy of Devotees and Krishna, ________________________________ others ans.


àHow I am judging my self in different areas. Please mark with X only one answer, judgment in each group.
1 can mean very bad, low, dissatisfied etc, 5 – normal, some thing about middle, good enough etc, 9 – ideal, perfect, excellent, folly satisfied etc.

How healthy, care four, houlsum, developt etc are: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
My sleeping habits
My habits dealing with natural urges
My breathing habit
My drinking habits
My eating habits
My digestion system
My sitting posture* on the floor
My sitting posture* on char
My sitting posture* wile reading, studding, writing
My standing posture*
My walking posture*
My physical health together
My celibacy
My Sadana Bhakti
My mental, emotional health
My spiritual health

*comfortable and healthy posture- strait back, relies shoulders, open lungs, beep and comfortable breathing etc.

àGenerally I am acting in such guna: tama, tama-raja, raja, raja-sattva, sattva, shuda sattva

àIn eating, sleeping and health care habits I do that, what: Krishna, Caitanya etc like to do Himself,
Kirshna, Caitanya and others Acharyas ask to do for my self, I do what I like to do my self, ____________ _______ ___________________________________________________________________________ others ans.

My feedback

àPlease write down Your feeling, knowledge, thoughts etc on question: What kind of connections I see between Kirshna Prema and these groups: sleeping habits, natural urges, drinking, eating habits and digestion system, Sadana Bhakti, celibacy, physical health, mental and emotional health, spiritual health _____________________


àPlease write down Your recommendations, expectations, ideas, thoughts, needful actions, needful subject maters for education courses etc for “Preventive health education and care system” for Krishna’s Devotees in Bramacharies life stile _________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________



Thank You so much for filing this Bramacharie general health tests. J

Your ever well-wisher with love and encouragement BVG Janaka das
22 Feb 2011 –


Basicly healthy life definite by Krishna means:

1. Good and healthy sleep during the night time between 9 pm and 3 am, and not be sleepy during japa, SB class and after mea

2. Poise and healthy activities during the day time between 4 am and 8 pm, and not sleeping during of day time

3. Good and healthy appetite at regulates times – from 1 to 3 times per day, depends on each individuality, and not snacks between meals

4. Good and healthy stool one time per day from 3 to 6 am, and not constipation and daireya

5. Content and healthy state of mind and 10 senses – the eyes, ears, nose, tang, skin, voice, legs, hands, anus and genitals

To those Bramacharees, who experiencing any of 5 mentioned difficulties in rendering services to Guru and Sri Sri Radha Gopinath, there are space to strengthen Balanced and Healthy lifestyle and individual health situation.

1. Aims for Balanced and Healthy lifestyle education is support and help every self interested Bramacaries come up to Balanced and Healthy lifestyle level recommended by Krishna in BG, SB and CC. Improve chanting, attentiveness, clarity in mind, sadhana, self esteem and confidence etc. and ultimetlu harmonise our relationships between Devotees themselves and with Shastra/Sadu/Guru and Sri Sri Radha Krishna, Particular steps come up to this level

1.1. By different actions (tests, leaflets, education cores, individual consultations etc) bring awareness in Bramacharies mind and conciseness about really possible health for everyone Bramacharie – in reality we are personally and as communities losing faith to have Balanced and Healthy lifestyle as recommended by Lord Sri Krishna in BG, SB and CC.

1.2. Help self interested Bramacharies wisely, healthy and concisely come to:

1.2.1. Peacefully and attentively chant 16 (at least 14) round in temple room or special place, peacefully and proper sitting posture, before 10:30.

1.2.2. Concisely with independent thoughtfulness every single day read Srilas Praphupada books at least 1 hour per every single day

1.2.3. Do regularly meaningful physical exercises, yoga, pranayama etc with proper knowledge and skills at least 30min per every single day

1.2.4. Balanced and Healthy lifestyle, not too much and not too little, sleeping, eating and working. BG 6.16-17 “There is no possibility of one’s becoming a yogi, O Arjuna, if one eats too much or eats too little, sleeps too much or does not sleep enough. He who is regulated in his habits of eating, sleeping, recreation and work can mitigate all material pains by practicing the yoga system.” For that there are some gradual steps to strain for in order to strengthen our general health. First go sleep after 6pm, if body tied and ask for that. Untimely at lees before 9pm. Naturally wake up without alarm clock before 4am Give up unhealthy, dungarees day time sleep: 1st level: abstain from sleeping from 4am to 8am; 2nd level: abstain from sleeping from 4am to 1pm; 3rd level: abstain from sleeping from 4am to 6pm. Give up all snacks between main meals, except “grain of rice”, “drop of citanamrita” in act of prasadam appreciation. Came to platform of proper food, not to much, not to little, individual Balanced and Healthy diet etc. ……….. other steps can be defined during of time ……….


About BVG Janaka das

BVG Janaka das has international exposure across geographies, cultures, sciences, and Spiritual Practices, that he is bringing out the best in the participants and empowering them “Live Powerful Life what They Love to Live. He has experience as a leader of Transformative and Experiential Education, Balanced and Healthy lifestyle Education, of Personality Development, group dynamics and team building group seminars-workshops. He has experience and knowledge in coaching, consulting, leading, creating and managing innovative educational programs and management projects.
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