Abhijit Muhurt – a powerful and auspicious time

For the benefit of aspirants seeking auspicious Muhurta (election) as per Vedic / Hindu astrology, Abhijit Muhurt is discussed herein.

Abhijit Muhurt is a powerful election as per Hindu astrology. Exponents of Vedic / Hindu Muhurt (electional) astrology have prescribed Abhijit Muhurt (election) as on of the most powerful election & has general acceptance of exponents for initiating a wide spectrum of life activities, especially for fruition of worldly activities. It has power to annihilate / destroy numerous malevolent influences in elections. However, its efficacy is enhanced by presence of special Muhurt Yogas, prescribed beneficial Hindu Panchang elements, luminous Moon, fortified & purified ascendent, specific disposition of election related planets, favourable transits of the planets to the aspirant etc. etc. This election is that powerful that some exponents have praised to the extent that when a suitable election is not available, it can be selected for fruition of the desires.

This election is as or similarly powerful as Vijay Dashmi, Ravi Yoga, Sade-Teen Muhurt, Sarva-Karya-Arambha Muhurt, Gow-Dhuli, and Vijay Muhurt & Amrit Ghatis for initiating a wide spectrum of life activities.

How to calculate duration of Abhijit Muhurt?
Abhijit Muhurt starts from 24 minutes before the Local Noon Time (LNT) & remains till 24 minutes thereafter (total duration 48 minutes) for 12-hour duration of daytime. For variable length of daytime its duration should be calculated proportional to non-nocturnal (daytime) length. Proportional election time (total duration) of this election is 15th part of the daytime length. Thus at a place of activity on a given day the election shall be current during:

LNT ± [(proportional election time) ÷ 2]
= [(Sunset time + Sunrise time)÷2] ± [(Sunsettime – Sunrisetime) ÷ 30]

For example if Sunrise is at 07.00 IST & the Sunset time is 18.00 IST at a place of an activity then, its total duration shall be 44 minutes (11 ÷12 x 48 = 44 m). Local Noon Time shall be 12.30 IST. The said election time shall start from 12.08 & ends at 12.52 IST (12.30 ± 22 m).

In the corresponding duration during night-time, equally auspicious election prevails which is called ‘Brahma Muhurt’. Most of the authoritative writers have eulogized this Muhurt as suitable to initiate all types of works, & as the most powerful & efficacious Muhurt capable of removing plurality of maleficence (Doshas).

Lord Shiva killed a powerful demon named Tripurasur in this Muhurt. This Muhurt has blessing of Lord Vishnu who destroys innumerable Doshas with His Sudarshan Chakra during the currency of this Muhurt. Aspirants (not having in-depth knowledge of Muhurt astrology) may select this powerful election for day-to-day life activities without going into intricacies of the knowledge regarding election & ephemeris.

Exceptions : But this powerful Muhurt is not suitable for auspicious / sacraments (Manglik activities like marriage, Upanayana etc.) functions on Wednesdays, as it forms a malefic Muhurt. Further travel in the South direction should be refrained during this powerful election.

Some exponents have advised that ± 4 minutes of time (total 8 minutes) from the junction of forenoon & after-noon (mid-day), and also the first & latter part of night (mid-night – Mahanisha) are malefic & should be refrained in a benefic Muhurt (elections). Thus aspirants should not use this election during LNT ± 4 minutes.

A caution about mid-night Muhurt.
Abhijin Muhurt covers mid-day; while corresponding period during mid-night is called Brahma / Dhata Muhurt. Most of the books on Muhurt consider the latter also as benefic Muhurt; except that it should be avoided on Monday & Friday.

Some opine that the said Muhurt of the night was chosen by the famous astrologers late Shri Hardeeo Shastri and Surya Narayan Vyas, as benefic and suitable Muhurt for Indian Independence.

It felt that they not only erred in calculations for the said mid-night Muhurt, but also ignored the special dictums in authoritative treatises like “Vasist Samhita” (32/110) & others who have clearly prohibited (parivarjaneeya) that mid-night period must be avoided in Muhurt related to all types of auspicious activities.

Readers are cautioned that for important life activities (which are performed once in life time), the job of selecting/ electing a suitable time (Muhurt) should be left to expert astrologers.

–V K Shridhar (besttime ‘dot’ election ‘at’ gmail ‘dot’ com)
Hindu Electional Astrology – the largest & the best seller on Vedic / Indian Muhurt (Electional) astrology. – http://www.besttime-election.com

Question by Shri.Shridharji,
There is a belief that early hours of the day after 4 am but before Sun Rise is Brahma Muhurtham which is considered very auspicious for any life activities. Is this a wrong belief then? Please guide.

Anusha ji & readers,
72 minutes (3 Ghadi – nominal time) before the Sunrise, and after the Sunset; are called Prataha & Sanya Sandhayas. The actual duration of these Sandhi Kaal is 3/30 of the length of night-time on a given day.

These durations are auspicious for performing Puja & the like spiritual activities, and not the worldly activities.

However most of the exponents have eulogised “Gow Dhuli ” time (12 minutes just before and after the Sunset) as auspicious for various Muhurtas; but there are lot of exceptions & conditions attached to it.

In short there is no specific time (covering any specific Tithi, weekday, Nakshatra, Yoga, Muhurt Yoga etc . etc.) which can be considered as unconditionally benefic / auspicious for all types of life activities, for all the persons. Subtleties of Muhurtas is extremely intricate. We are blessed with valuable guidelines by our exponents.

V K Shridhar

Material from (19 May 2011): http://www.indiadivine.org/audarya/vedic-astrology-jyotisha/448716-abhijit-muhurt-powerful-muhurt.html


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