By Walking, Breathing and Drinking we can Attract Prema Bhakti

As many of us are convinced by Srila Prabhupada, “Simply by cleansing the cage of the bird, one does not satisfy the bird.” SB 1.2.8p Then natural question arises, “Can one simply by not cleansing the cage of the bird, satisfy the bird?”

Unfortunately this is not just joke, this is sad reality, what we are facing in so many situations by studying the real cases of Sri Sri Radha’s Krishna’s Beloved Devotees. Even Lord Sri Krishna is sad to feel this from inside and see this from outside, who we are consciously and unconsciously ruining in our care given Sri Krishna’s body and mind.

By Srilas Prabhupada’s desires expressed through so many His disciples, we are developing educational and training system in order to practically help Sri Sri Radha’s Krishna’s Beloved Devotees to improve Sadhana, physical and mental health by “Balanced and Healthy lifestyle” which is so helpful carrier Back Home, Back to Godhead. Can we blame Sri Krishna, when we consciously and unconsciously ruined this carrier in half way through, which is so carefully designed, created and given by Sri Krishna? This carrier is designed by Sri Krishna in such a way, where any human being can drive straight Back to Goloka Vrindavan in one lifetime. Our responsibility is to try our best to be conscious and wise, humble and tolerant at least in the mode of goodness. “The devotee is neither foolish nor passionate. The harmful, foolish and passionate cannot be devotees of the Lord, however they may advertise themselves as devotees by outward dress.” SB 1.2.9p

Our approach, philosophy, aims, tools, desires etc in more detail way explained in such articles as ”The Balanced and Healthy lifestyle attracts Prema Bhakti”, “The Scientific base of Personal Development” and “Mechanical living of Life come from Mechanical thinking of Mind”*.

Now let us see in more detail way, what we mean by word, ”By walking softly, breathing deeply, drinking enough water we can attract Prema Bhakti in our life.” Prema Bhakti includes Sadhu, Guru and ultimately Sri Sri Radha’s Krishna’s mercy.

As we describe in mentioned articles, bare minimum, what we can get by honestly practising Sadhana Bhakt which mean “Balanced and Healthy lifestyle” is shanti shanti shanti – peace, contentment, satisfaction, simplicity, meaningful life, Balanced and Healthy body, mind and all kind of relationships as relationships with Guru/Sadhu/Shastras, friends, wife, husband, children, parents, relatives, co-workers, society in large etc in other word Balanced and Healthy life is mode of goodness.

Practical hints, tips and recipes, who we can walk, breath and drink
in mode of goodness, passion and ignorance.

Goodness or Sattva guna Passion or raja guna Ignorance or tama guna
Walking softly, gently, steady. Maintain proper and healthy posture by straight head and neck; straight and proper back; leveled, relax, slightly back shoulders; gathered belly; feet directly below hips; keeps bones and joints in the correct alignment so that muscles are being used properly. Walking heavily, noisy, loudly, unsteady; too fast like madman or passionate line businessman, sprinter or boxer; ignore, offend or even harm others persons or/and thinks while walking; when come, forget why come here or/and forgot to take some here needful thinks. Walking chaotic, uncontrolled; walk like drunk man; come and stay in unnecessary places or even in places in mode of ignorance.
Breathe deeply, steady, calmly, slowly, rhythmically, regularly through the nose; with full volume of lungs Breathe shallow, fast, non-rhythmically, irregularly, quickly through the nose and mouth; with 1/3 volume of lungs Breathe uncontrolled through the mouth; noisy; chaotic in all directions; with less than 1/4 volume of lungs
Staying hydrated
Drinking sufficiently just plain water 1.7-2.3l on average per person in day; no sugar, no carbonated, no soda, no cooled; drink peacefully sip by sip in sitting posture, not drinking one hour before or after taking food. Drinking carbonated, soda, sugar drinks, “energetic drinks”, juices, tea, coffee, drink less than 1.5l per day, drinks from the refrigerator or with ice etc; drinking in hurry by the way, by walking; drinking fast galp by galp or just Pour straight in throat; drink less than one hour before or after taking food. For hydration drinking dirty things or/and beverages like beer, wine, vodka etc, drink less than 1l or more than 3l per day.
Increasing by our actions during course of time in this guna
Peacefulness, satisfaction, tolerance, humbleness, proudlesness, cleanliness; unity in diversity, spirituality, positive energy, wellness; harmony, balanced, regulated and healthy life; clarity in mind, intentions, words and actions; freedom from confusion and bewilderment; gentleman behaviour; happiness, blissfulness, knowledge etc right now and more deeper in the future. Endlessly increasing: (1) speed, anxiety, complication, politics and frustration; (2) sacrifice of long term benefits instead of getting short term benefits; (3) desires to enjoy and control others etc. At the beginning, it can feels so beneficial, enchanting, attractive and beautiful, but generally that end in miseries, because mode of passion can be used in proper way to get things done, to get out of mode of ignorance. Nevertheless, if we stay or/and act in mode of passion little bit too long, then generally we end up again in more dark ignorance as ever before. Laziness, lethargy, sleepiness, drowsiness, delusion, heaviness, impurity, darkness, dullness, inertia, inactivity, materiality, depression etc.

Our intention is not to say, actions in raja or tama guna, like walking noisy, breathing trough mouse or drinking dirty water is bad, unhealthy, dirty, condemned, abominable, prohibited etc. All aspects created by God have its own time, place and role to play. Our intention is to say, all our actions invoke consequences and reactions. By Walking, Breathing and Drinking in certain gunas, we are invoked in all our life more and more qualities, actions, moods, temperaments etc in that guna, which is more often used by us.

In this small piratical article we try our best to show connections between our Walking, Breathing and Drinking action and Sadhana Bhakti, which for sure will more and more attract or reject Prema Bhakti and satisfaction, simplicity, sincerity, humbleness, and tolerance, in our day-to-day life. In order to Chant Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare / Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare and be Happy, Let us individually and collectively for Sri Sri Radha’s Krishna’s pleasure Healthy Balance and Harmonise our Sadhana Bhakti practice by increasing our Conscious Actions in Satva guna and living Balanced and Healthy lifestyle.

Medical aspects in article adjusted by Dr. Nirmalchandra das (Dr. Nanasaheb Memane).

Your humble servant and ever well-wisher BVG Janaka das
9 Aug 2011 –

Here are print out *.doc version in two pages 50Kb View or Download.

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