For Monks or Bramacharies

This page are meant for Monks or Bramacharies, who voluntary chose celibacy or bramacharya life.  There we are planing to publish helpful materials to support  Monks come up to the platform of Balanced and Healthy lifestyle.

Our Health tips and recipes – there we can find more encouragement in support in aspects of Health tips and recipe.

The Celibacy or Bramacharya by it self:
= The Practice of Brahmacharya by Swami Sivananda (some articles and books)
= Brahmacharya in Krishna Consciousness by Bhakti Vikas Swami (book in *.html format)

Help for Balanced and Health lifestyle for practise Celibacy:
= Bramacharies Eating-Sleeping-Working habits presentation 13 Feb 2011 in *.ppt format 550Kb View or Download
= Sadhana card – worksheet for Bramacharies
= Bramacharie General Balanced and Healthy lifestyle situation test

The Coming up articles: Helpful tips for celibacy.

Dear friends, who are looking to keep celibacy for some time as year, two or throughout all life. In this article we tray gradual collect some helpful articles, tips, recipes, guidelines, suggestions, links etc to make even impossible for possible.

1. Food and spices like chilly, sugar, potato, tomato, strawberries etc, which destroy our abilities to keep celibacy.


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