Our Balanced Health Program

Successful Balanced and Healthy lifestyle programKindly Welcome! We are offering “Balanced and Healthy lifestyle program” for our wealth, health and Meaningful life full of Happiness, Blissfulness and Knowledge forever. 🙂

Balanced and Healthy lifestyle program, as Backbone of all our project, is:

  • transformative
  • personal experiences orientated
  • progressive, gradual and systematic
  • principles orientated
  • scientific
  • and holistic

Our focus

  • To give gradual, systematic, progressive and organised framework for holistic, Balanced and Healthy lifestyle
  • To have in our lives Healthy Balance in all four health and wellness aspects simultaneously: Physical, Mental, Professional, and Social health

This our “Balanced and Healthy lifestyle program” encourages us to take an active role in gradual, systematic and progressive development and maintenance of the quality of our wealth, health and knowledge to personally experience Meaningful life, wealth, healthy and wise life full of Happiness, Blissfulness and Knowledge forever. 🙂

Please read the more detail DESCRIPTION about our program.

Please see the more detail MAP about our program.

We can also check out Others Our Health tips and recipes

Your ever well-wisher with love and encouragement BVG Janaka das
4 Jun 2011


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